O klubu

Mountain Club Lesná in the Ore Mountains.

Civic assotiations Mounatin Club Lesná be located in the mountain hotel Lesná in the eastern part of The Ore Montains, nerar the towns Chomutov and Most. In the village  5 km far away from the border to Germany.

 Mountain Club Lesná lay the  main emphasis on the development  of leisure  activities, supports the idea of renewed Ore and seeks to cultural preceptions of the Ore Mountains as a commmon Central European whole.  

After five years of work on tops of the Ore Mountains work closely with the Czech Republic and abroad and participes in the concentrate realization of cross- border projects and activities under Cíl 3, wich currently have a specific form and its supportes. 

The main role of  the Mountain Club Lesná is to creating favorable conditions for wintersports, especially downhill and nordic skiing, agrotourism, tourism, alpinetourism, biking - Mountain  and paraglide.

Thw GPS project seeks to buld a network of cycle track and skiing tracks and links Podkrušnohorská major cities Gross the tops of the Ore Mountains on to Germany.

The Mountain Club organizes cultural actions, seminars, workshops, exibitions, openings, tours, trips. focusing  on eviromental  preservation and promotion of the history of the Ore Mountains to the highlanders approach life in ancienit times.  Near the residence clu bis a newly build Krušnohorské museum and the replica of the chapel with a bell tower, wich provide facilities for implementation of these events.


The effort and continuous work of the members  of the Mountain Club Lesná was the establishment of Ore Trail, wich takes care of maintenance of  cross contry ski tracks in the region. The two places to meet a hint on the German side. Moutain Club Lesná Skiing Federation cooperates with Germany on joint promotion Krušnohorské whites track a common navigation system.

On the basis of thein activities were members of the Mountain Club Lesná main founders of the Foundation Recovery Ore, educational and recreational center at the Lesná and Krušnohorské white track.