The unique ore mountain‘s Bethlehem travels across the Ore Mountains

One of the symbols of Ore Mountain’s Christmas is without doubt the Bethlehem, or "creche", which depicts the Holy Family immediately after Jesus' birth. Originally they were built Bethlemes in churches, but over time this today already inherent symbol of Advent,  taken into the household. Bethlehems were, and still are produced in different sizes and from many varying materials.

In the mountain resort Lesná was created thanks to the Endowment Fund Recovery Ore Mountain unusual life-size Bethlehem, which consists of seventeen figures carved from oak. Whole sculpture group originated three years. Past 6 sculptures are born within the project "Ore Mountains Sculpture Symposium 2016", which was supported from the Small Projects Fund - Cooperation program Czech Republic - Free State of Saxony 2014-2020.

Bethlehem is in this holiday time on the road and even the first Sunday of Advent, 27. 11. 2016 visitors could see him in the village of Deutschneudorf. However, this does not end its journey. Since 1. 12. 2016, it is located in the village of Seiffen, on 8. 12. 2016 will be transferred to Olbernhau and before the last Sunday of Advent, therefore, 15. 12. 2016 finally hits back at Lesná.

Experience for yourself the magical Christmas atmosphere and enjoy a view of unusual  figures somewhat different Bethlehem, which is not only different in his size.

Merry Christmas wishes Endowment Fund Recovery Ore Mountain

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