20.7. - 26.7. 2014 International Sculpture and Craving symposium at Lesná in the Ore Mountains

Mountain Club Lesná organizes the third year of creative workshop for adults, sculpture - carving symposium, which will occur from 20.untill 26. 7. 2014.

At one week will meet representatives sculpture ateliers and art schools.

Sculptures created on topic “Bethlehm of native size” will be placed and kept in the Oremountain landscape in the area Lesná during the symposium. Workshops will be accessible all week to everyone, who is interested to talk, have a discussion, or just look with participants.

Highlight of the weekly work craving masters will be in Saturday 26.7.2014. In the afternoon, will be elect the most interesting sculpture by visitors. It will take place a drawn of ballot papers about main price WEEKEND STAY IN LESNÁ. At the same time take place show of folkloric ensembles from Czech and Moravia called Oremountains Victorian Celebration.

Performance of particular folkloric ensembles  -will continue until the evening. The Sculpture symposium will be finished at 15:00 by vernissage accessible to the public. We invite you.

More information about artist HERE

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